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I finally got up a solid site about the migration between jQuery DataTables and Angular Material Data Tables (it's more than just one word vs. two). Angular Data Tables for jQuery Datatables Developers not only features a really long site name, but is also rendered server-side with Angular Universal (I merged over most of The Angular Universal Starter Kit to get this working) and uses a simple, fast Laravel Lumen API, if you're into that kind of thing (and who isn't into a simple, fast API?). It's all up on GitHub at https://github.com/bbutlerfrog/angular-tables

You can see my whole GitHub at https://github.com/bbutlerfrog, including this site.

What's here?

Well, if you'd like to see some (decent?) JQuery/AJAX development with a LAMP stack back-end written without a framework, that's what this entire site demonstrates. Check out the code on GitHub. (Frameworks are very good, most of this just happened to be written before they were so good).

Google Maps is also very good, and I have a demonstration of how to use it to redraw the map and a list of items on said map as users drag it around (this is very useful, ask a site like Trivago, which is actually marketing it as an advantage over their competitors). That's here.

There is also a demonstration of "exploding" tables/rows for those using Datatables (it's a nice way to simplify the presentation of complicated information), and a very simple demonstration of a self-submitting form based on Bootstrap.

I've also written some LinkedIn rants about the Twitter re-design (when that happened) and the re-design on LinkedIn itself (neither of those were done very well, if you asked me).

If you're not tired of my writing yet, there's my article about how similar I feel code and prose are (hear me out, people) and QA, and why development teams should understand and do it.

I've linked to them all here, as if you asked me people are as likely to visit this page as they are to see them on LinkedIn.

To see personal and politically-charged Tweets laced with obscenity, check out my Twitter profile.

To see my far more professional side, here's my LinkedIn profile.

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